Monica Spano
You're a great guy and awesome photographer. Thanks for making me look good! Would love to get photos of our trio sometime.
Catherine Kelly(non-registered)
You Sat behind me at the Kansas show and we're nice enough to give me your card. They are amazing!
Love rbalterphoto(non-registered)
Great site
Wow, this is just fantastic. The level of confidence in your imagination is well portrayed in your pictures. It shows how different and passionate you are in taking these pictures. Rare and unseen photography at it’s best that I have seen till date.
Diana Castagna(non-registered)!!!!
Liz Stanwycks (Island Hills Chorus)(non-registered)
We were so lucky to have you at our Jubilee celebration. You captured some special moments we can now all share. Thank you.
Bobby Dee/ Bassist(non-registered)
Nice work Rich, Gonna need to make an order soon, what could be better than seeing my mug on a mug ??...Lol
Keep up the excellent work...Love ya man !!
Nan Siegler(non-registered)
I know I am about to be thrilled. Can't wait to check out the books. <3
Stan ' Jimmy Page' Ellertsen(non-registered)
Beautifully done. LOVE the pics
HEY! It's Sarah from the Meadow Club! Remember, I know your neice :) Just wanted to stop in and say that you're an amazing photographer! You should put up the picture of me and your wife and make the caption, "The best waitress in the world!" Haha :)
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