Dawn DiMilia(non-registered)
Wow what an amazing day for RTRFAC’s 11th Annual MC Poker Run for Breast Cancer. I have say Rich Balter did an amazing job capturing every aspect of RTRFAC’s Poker Run. Rich was there from 9am until the end of our event. He was able to get great shots in the morning at our registration and than flew like Superman to 3 poker spots a took amazing action shots up to the last stop for our after party at the Miracle Mile Harley Davidson. Rich really knows how to capture those special moments from the bands, raffles, motorcycle show bikes, judging, riding, vendors to the very end of the motorcycle shot out competition. I would highly recommend Rich for any type of event or special occasions. Thank you Rich Balter for once again doing an amazing job!
Dawn DiMilia
Rich Balter once again you did a remarkable job at capturing all the important moments of Ricking the Road for a Cure’s 10th Annual MC run. You are the incredible in getting such clear precise photos of moving bikes and action shots. Going from Wueens to Long Island to capturing the registration of over 500 bikes and than getting to the venue before the bikes arrive from the run is amazing. You even got great photos of the bikes that were already at the venue that were part of the show bikes being judged. Capturing moments of people at our vendors and action and group shots of all the band. You have an eye to get incredible shots. Thank you for doing such an amazing job.
Irene r Leahy(non-registered)
Your pictures are all great..
Francisco J. Palomo Gil(non-registered)
Wonderful photographic universe that you have in your web.Muchas congratulations for this wonderful treasure that lets us see.
Steven Tringali(non-registered)
What awesome photos, thanks Rich!
Danny Ferrente(non-registered)
Great pictures Rich thanks
Tony Gutierrez(non-registered)
Rich, Nice job at 89 Notth, this passed Friday 3-24-17!
Monica Spano
You're a great guy and awesome photographer. Thanks for making me look good! Would love to get photos of our trio sometime.
Catherine Kelly(non-registered)
You Sat behind me at the Kansas show and we're nice enough to give me your card. They are amazing!
Love rbalterphoto(non-registered)
Great site
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